Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sketching Ideas ~ Enterprise Poodle Skirt

I'm not a fashion designer. I've never taken anything more than my 8th grade sewing class. I have no idea how the professionals do it, but this is how I start on new ideas. Some notebook paper and scribbles till I get an idea of what I want. This is me kicking around an idea of an Enterprise Dress. I have a couple different ideas on what to do with the top and I haven't quite settled on any one of them yet. Most of my designs get this far, but no farther. Next step will be to continue to doodle until I get just what I'm looking for. Then maybe I'll peruse my box of patterns, tho honestly I rarely use patterns. Poodle skirt would be easy, its a big circle with a hole in the middle. I think the top would be a modified thrift store find. If I go with the sweater set then I really don't want to have to knit the whole thing myself. I'm a slow knitter. I'd rather modify something else.

Some Google Images pictures of the Enterprise and of Poodle Skirts. Again, I just searched these online, I didn't create any of the following images.

And found this while searching for "Star Trek Poodle Skirts". I love nerds :D

K9! How adorable is that :D

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