Quilt Blocks I've Designed

Here is a the patterns for the Quilt Blocks I've designed. If you are looking for blocks created by other designers try FandomInStitches.com. The patterns listed under "Untested" have not been tried out and may contain flaws or errors. If mistakes are found, please leave a comment here and I will fix it. Also, if you make a block from my designs, let me know! I'd love to see them <3 !

All blocks here are absolutely free. Please don't steal them and try to sell them. That's just not cool. I don't own the rights to any fandom represented below.

Tested Designs (Supernatural)

Ruby's Knife.

Complex (Fail) Samulet. I don't recommend this pattern. It was a pain in my neck the entire time and is being redesigned.

Simple Samulet. Much better. Simpler, but the embroidery helps to get the point across.

Castiel's Handprint.

Bobby's Hat. This one may need embroidery to emphasize the shape. It's hard to make out what it is if you don't already know what it is

Untested Patterns (Supernatural)

Tested Patterns (Firefly)

The Serenity.

Untested Patterns (Firefly)

Tested Patterns (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

Awesome Mix Vol.1

Untested Patterns (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

Tested Patterns (My Little Pony)

Untested Patterns (My Little Pony)


Tested Patterns (Captain Planet)

Untested Patterns (Captain Planet)

Captain Planet

Planeteer Symbol

Earth Ring

Fire Ring

Wind Ring

Water Ring 

Heart Ring

Tested Patterns (World of Warcraft)

Tyrande Whisperwind

Untested Patterns (World of Warcraft)

Arthas Kills His Father

Lordaeron Family Crest

Tested Patterns (Dragonriders of Pern)

Untested Patterns (Dragonriders of Pern)

The White Dragon

Tested Patterns (Animated Hobbit Movie)

Untested Patterns (Animated Hobbit Movie)

Bilbo Baggins

Gandalf The Grey


Tested Patterns (Bunnicula)


Untested Patterns (Bunnicula)

Tested Patterns (Sports)

Chicago Blackhawks

Untested Patterns (Sports)

Tested Patterns (Pokémon)


Team Instinct

Untested Patterns (Pokémon)

Team Mystic
Tested Patterns (Apps)

Etsy App

Untested Patterns (Apps)

Tested Patterns (Emoji)


Untested Patterns (Emoji)

Crazy Face

Happy Crying

Big Eyes

Tested Patterns (Neverending Story)


Untested Patterns (Neverending Story)

Tested Patterns (Star Wars)

Jar Jar Binks

Untested Patterns (Star Wars)

Tested Patterns (How To Train Your Dragon)

Untested Patterns (How To Train Your Dragon)

Toothless and Hiccup

Tested Patterns (The X-Files)

FBI Badge

Untested Patterns (The X-Files)

Tested Patterns (Magic: The Gathering)


Tap Arrow

Untested Patterns (Magic: The Gathering)

Tap (First Edition)

Tested Patterns (Misc)

Untested Patterns (Misc)

Tested Patterns (Disney Bookcase)

Untested Patterns (Disney Bookcase)

Tested Patterns (Stranger Things)

Untested Patterns (Stranger Things)

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