Saturday, June 20, 2015

Supernatural Quilt: Devil's Trap Bullet

Here is a pattern I tested for Jessica over at SewMuchMischief. A devil's trap bullet like the one that trapped Abbadon in her meat suit! Awesome idea for a square. I kinda wished I'd used fabric with a bit more contrast to it, but the pattern went together easily and was quick to do. The pentacle on the end was embroidered. I'm thinking about how I can adapt this pattern to mimic salt filled shotgun shells as well.

For those that don't follow the TV show (you guys have got to bored of these posts by now. Sorry, but they aren't gonna stop anytime soon :D ) Here is a shot from the episode the bullet was used in.

Check out Jessica's other patterns and quilt blocks at SewMuchMischief. She has lots of fab patterns to drool over!

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