Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Supernatural Quilt ~ Ruby's Knife

Ok, here's a little something different. This is the first block I've designed by myself. I'm about to test it to see if it works, but it seems simple enough. For those interested in just what the patterns look like, this is what I've made:

Hmm, Ok, that's just the first page. The second page is a pdf of all the pieces with a seam allowance added and I haven't figured out how to add that to the blog yet.

I think I got it. It should be here. I hope I did that right. Let me know in the comments if that link doesn't work. I still need to figure out how to combine both those pages into the one link. Baby steps tho. I'm still learning. Tonight I'll sew it up to make sure the pattern works. I'll update this post then.

Ok. Here's the finished product.

What do ya think?

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