Friday, June 19, 2015

Supernatural Quilt: The Samulet

The necklace Dean Winchester wears has been affectionately called the "Samulet" because his brother Sam is the one that gave it to him and has come to represent the brother's family bond. This pattern is another one I designed myself and one I am also rather proud of. It came together well and is recognizable to Supernatural fans. Even without the embroidery

To be honest tho, this is the second time I attempted to design the Samulet. The first time was a disaster beginning to end. It was way too complex, the pieces too small and just looked like a hot mess all over.

Would have been cool if it weren't so fiddly. Oh, and as reference, here's a pic of Dean's amulet.

All of the patterns I've designed can be found here. Soon they will be featured on as well.

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