Friday, July 24, 2015

Supernatural Quilt: Anti-Possession Tattoo

Well, I finally got it done. The Anti Possession Tattoo was a pain in my neck the whole time, but Wow! I'm so glad it's done. The tattoo helps keep the boys from getting possessed by demons. Now, I am not an experienced quilter so my lines are not very straight and my corners don't match up the best, but a much more experienced quilter in my Facebook group tested this same pattern for me and hers looks fantastic!

By Linda E. Photo used with permission

This is what it is supposed to look like when done professionally. Maybe I'll take a fabric marker to mine to hide some of the flaws. I'm so excited for this one. Most of my Supernatural patterns will be on Thursdays starting the end of this month.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Quilt Designer!

It's official, I am now an official quilt designer! My first block, Ruby's Knife has just been published over on I even got the designer badge to go on my blog. *giggle* The others should be posting over there in the next couple weeks or so.

In celebration I'll do a quick post on how I design my blocks. First and foremost I use QuiltAssistant software. It's free online, but I do highly recommend the tutorials on FIS. They will walk you thru step by step on how to use it. I was so confused by the software until I checked out the tutorials. Make no mistake, I am still learning, but this is where I started.

Kaylee's Umbrella pattern

With the hard part done, next I make the instruction page. This is the page that tells you how to assemble the pieces into the block, shows what the finished block should look like, any embroidery that needs to be added, and any other information you may need. I design it all in MicrosoftPaint. I don't know if its free, but it came with my computer so I use it. Quick note: QuiltAssistant won't tell you how to assemble the pieces logically into a block. You just need to puzzle that out yourself (or maybe it does and I just don't know where to look for that yet. Like I said, I'm still learning).

Cover Page for Ruby's Knife

Ok, this part that stumped me for a while. You now have a quilt pattern that is saved as a .qa2 file and a picture that is saved as a .jpg or .png file. How do you make it so people that don't have those same programs can open the files? Well, you convert it to a .pdf file. Most computers can open .pdf's. I use CutePDF to convert the various extenstions to .pdf's. CutePDF is a free software that you can also download online. One thing to mention tho, to use it, just act like your going to print your file. When the print dialog box comes up, just make sure to select the CutePDF printer. It doesn't actually print it, just converts it. Took me 3 days to figure out that one :P

Last little step is optional, but makes it easier for other people. You now have 2 .pdf's for your pattern. The pattern itself and the cover page you made for it. Now to combine the two of them so others only have to print off one link instead of two. PDFill can easily combine your .pdf's into one easy link. I just used the free PDFill tools, but there is more available on their website. Again, it's all free. I don't really bother with software I have to buy.

You now have one link with the quilt block you designed. You can give the link out to your friends in an attachment in an email if you like. I personally upload them to Google Drive so I can link them to my blog. It gives you guys an easy place to go to get the files. Just make sure your privacy setting is set so others can view the link. There you go! That is the current process I go thru to make my quilt blocks. Hope it encourages you all to try your hand at designing your own!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Road So Far...

I'm getting ready to make my large centerpiece square, but that won't be ready to post for a while yet. It's a big one and very complicated. So until it's done and ready to be shown, here's a look at all the blocks I've made so far.

All blocks designed by me can be found Here. Any made by others can be found on

Starting at the top we have the Samulet.

Designed by me. Twice. I like this simpler slim-lined look. I wish I'd used a more golden fabric for it, but I like it anyway.

Next is Bobby's Hat.

I adore it, but I'm probably not submitting it to FiS. Another designer has used the same reference picture and I think her's looks better. Mine needs an outline to see what it is, her's doesn't. So she'll submit hers, but mine will be here on this page.

John Winchester's Journal. I adore this one! All the embroidery variations available for the blank page makes me giddy to think about!

The Colt.

I'm contemplating outlining this one. I did add the pentacle on the grip, but it might benefit from a total outline. Otherwise I also love this one.

Angel Wings by Jessica Blacknall

All the feathers make this one a stunning piece, but also a complicated one. Be careful of the piece closest to the center, the feathers are tiny and require some concentration.

Castiel's Handprint.

This one seems to be the favorite of all my friends. My co-worker has even threatened to steal it before I can get it into my quilt :). I've been thinking about outlining all my blocks, but this one I don't think needs it. I'd even go so far as to say outlining this one might detract from it. I'm not sure, but I'm not gonna outline this one.

*Surprise Block that I can't talk about yet and just now realized was in this picture. You're getting a sneak peek at a block by accident. It's still being tested and isn't ready to be posted yet.*

This is the block that started it all. I have no idea why, but I saw a fabric at the store, the same fabric that borders this block in the picture at the top, and thought it would be great for the Impala to be on for a Supernatural Quilt. Searching for an Impala pattern online brought me to FandomInStitches. From there I fell in love with fandom quilts and started to design my own blocks. And yeah, I still haven't added wheels to it. It's on my list of things to do lol.

I like this pattern, but I might make it over in colors that match the rest of the quilt better. You just really can't make it out, all the values are too close together.

Another pattern that benefited from an embroidered outline. I love how it turned out, the bone/fossil colored fabric just makes it.

The very first quilt pattern I ever designed. I'm still proud of it. It is also the first one to be posted on FandomInStitches.

Another stunning pattern. More complex than you'd think for such a simple symbol. The rounded edges add more pieces which adds to the difficulty.

There you go. Those are my quilt blocks so far. Now to work on the centerpiece then to decide how I want to finish it off.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Supernatural Quilt: The First Blade

"He found a fresh jawbone of a donkey, so he reached out and took it and killed a thousand men with it." Judges 15:15

The First Blade is the blade fashioned from the jawbone of an ass that Cain used to kill his brother Able. The Blade works with the Mark of Cain to kill nearly anything. Dean uses it to kill Abbadon, a Knight of Hell. Without the Mark the Blade is just an old bone.

I adore the fabric I found for the First Blade. I really looks like bone! I did add an outline to it to help define the teeth. I wasn't planning on it, but the squares with outlining look fantastic so I'm considering outlining them all. That would be a bit of a pain for a girl who really doesn't care for hand sewing. Here is a picture of the Blade without the outline. See how much it helps it?

This pattern and others like it can be found here. But only the ones I created myself. If someone else designed the pattern you can find it on