Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pokéball Quilt Block

Tested by Stephanie T. Photo used with permission 

Last week I decided to spend the day at the library. I like my library. The quiet peace of a hundred people working and learning. I find it soothing. So when I need a mini vacation I spend the day there. Good food in the cafe, free wifi, anything and everything I could ever want to look up, its all there. For some reason I wanted to see how fast I could make a quilt design. Beginning to end, finding the photo, designing it, writing up the cover page, all the way to compressing it all into a pdf. I looked at our spreadsheet that lists all the requests people have submitted to FandomInStitches and wanted to pick and easy block to do. The Pokéball from Pokémon seemed easy enough to do. So I timed myself. 43 minutes if your interested. Now that is not typical, this really was an easier one to do, but now I really have a urge to just go down the list of requests and do them all. There is like 300 requests so I don't think I can do em all. Maybe if I had internet at home I'd spend a few weeks knocking them off the list. For now I'll just putter around with them.

My tester said the ball didn't really want to get lined up nicely so I'm going back and seeing if there is anything I can do to make it easier to assemble, but until then its done.

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